Well, at some point we are all different.

We all have our differences but we haven’t learn to accept them, which is why we are hurting people close to us who love themselves for the way they are, and for some reason we envy them. We want to bring them down. Because that’s exactly what our parents have taught us. Perhaps not purposely, but nevertheless, we’ve been taught it by our parents and it has made our society tainted.

I remember myself in a wheelchair because of a surgery I had – people wouldn’t stop staring at me nor my leg that was damaged by the operation. I was feeling like an outcast. I wasn’t one of them. That’s when my Mother raised her voice and often asked them ‘What are you looking at?‘. She told me to never to do the same to people because I’m going through the same. That’s what my mother taught me. Years kept passing by and I swear, I never made fun of anyone.

On the other hand, I used to hang out with different people at school, the people that no one wanted to talk to. Why? Because I was different and i was proud. I went through a massive bullying for my weight, I heard so many jokes and I used to cut myself and cry my eyes out once I was alone. Nobody knew what I was going through. Many of my friends were gay people. Gay isn’t a bad word, not in the world i live in. Also, trans people. All these people have decided to be themselves and what are we doing instead of accepting them? We judge them, we torture them, we kill them. Why as human beings we have to be that cruel? If someone wants to change the way they are, let them be. Stand by their side instead of being against them.

There’s no point of hating each other when all we can share is love.

As human beings, we do have lots of love inside of us. We have been hurt many times but for some odd reason we can’t stop giving love, so, why not give a bit of your love to the people next to you? While I was in the wheelchair i was seeing other disable people, smiling and doing things they loved. Wondering why I wasn’t smiling? Why was I being miserable? Then I realized… They were feeling normal and there was nothing different about them. I was way too young when i started realizing that we are all the same no matter our differences. No matter what we look like, no matter the way we are living. We all have the same skin, the same fingernails, the same shape of head, same shape of hands, same shape of smile but we still want to bring each other down instead of inspiring others. Nowadays, people live with fear inside of them. The fear of expressing themselves even to their own family. And so, many kids run away from their families in need to make their dreams come true. They are hiding, which is wrong because we all deserve to L I V E no matter our appearance.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are too big or too small. If you are gay or a trans, it doesn’t matter if you have scars, if you can’t walk. You deserve the world. All lives matter. Yours, mine, everyone’s live matters. We are all the same.

By Vivica Kaimakli, Guest Contributor. 

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