You keep checking your phone number.

Sometimes he replies constantly. Sometimes he reads your messages and then he leaves you on hold for a few more hours, sometimes a day. How do you know when to message him again? If you keep messaging you’re gonna come across as desperate, but at the same time, if you don’t, then he’ll slip away.

He’s already slipped away though if you have to keep messaging him.

And occasionally you’ll think there’s a possibility for you both to be official. Boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s hopeless but you still think it might happen.

But if you weigh out the probability of it. It probably won’t.

If you have to ask yourself if you’re official, you probably aren’t. If you have to ask yourself if he likes you when he’s not responding or making the effort with you, then he probably does not like you that much.

It’s a tough truth. Whether you’re at school, college, university, or in working life or otherwise, it happens to all of us. These things do happen. And it’s meant to make you purposely feel like shit. You’re meant to, in these situations, underestimate your self worth. But it’s important to remember, if you’re chasing someone who doesn’t make the effort and blatantly doesn’t want you, then you should turn the phone off, ignore every form of communication with that person, and live your life.

Your days should not be focused on trying to get the attention of someone who doesn’t want you. You’re worth more than that.

By SerenaSwoons 

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