What is the meaning of life?


I have been searching for it my whole life. I was wondering why are we here? Just to live/survive and then die? Just to bring humans into life and then sit for the next years on a couch, whinining about everything that bothers us? Are we willing to just sit here, doing nothing at all? And if so then why are we alive? Someone puts effort to wake us up. Someone, something, doesn’t matter you believes, but there is something you believe to and there will be always something you will pray or cross your fingers too because you are not alone. But truly, what is the meaning of everything? There’s a Greek story that speaks about a guys, searching for the meaning of life. Visiting countries, asking wise people, searching for the meaning of life. But there were different opinions, no one truly knew the meaning of it. He was traveling for many years till the day he reached his destination.

At the edge of a cliff there was an old wise man, just sitting there beneath a tree, staring at the view which was the nature infront of him. ”What is the meaning of life? I went everywhere. I traveled but yet i haven’t find it yet. So, they told me to ask you.” The old man didn’t take his eyes away from the view and he said ”You are looking at it.” Well, that was the meaning of life, living your life. Appreciating the things, the small things in life. But is that true? Is that truly the meaning of life? Well, i’m 27 year old and i have stop searching for it. I went through a lot and i now know what’s the meaning. At first i thought it was love and hell, i was so damn wrong. Love between two people can exist of course but when give love to more than one person is more than pleasing. To me, it brings me smile when other people smile because of me. Helping each other is something that i will never stop doing, it fills me as a person. It calms my soul. Not because i want to prove something, but because i wanna do it. But when i’m sitting alone, i am taking my moment to look around, touch the things i love the most so i can remember how it feels before my soul leaves my body.

That’s MY┬ámeaning of life. Having a clean, pure soul is what you need to find it. You will find your own happiness when you realize that the small things can make you happy.

When you realize that money is not enough and the fake people around you can not fill you as a person. Pack your bag and leave. Go outside and spend some time into the nature. By the beach, touch the water, the sand, feel the sun above you. Close your eyes and calm by the wind that passes through your skin. I swear, that is a great feeling. Go into the forest, sit at your favorite spot and listen to the birds, turn off your phone and look around you. Touch the ground and feel the beauty around you. It hides behind the things we least expect and those are the most beautiful things in life. Maybe, if you stop looking at your fingers you will see the world waiting for you to explore. You will see how many people need and deserve some love. Even the animals. Give smiles to others in order to put a smile on your face.

Trust me, that’s an amazing feeling.

-By Vivica Kaimakli.

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